About us

HAV Design is at the forefront when it comes to leading the shipping industry through the green shift, and all HAV designs accommodate zero-emission solutions and are equipped to meet the environmental requirements of the future.

Our experience and expertise, as well as our focus on efficiency, safety, and sustainability, lays the foundation for developing and delivering high-quality innovative solutions to customers in the seafood, energy, and transport sectors.

In recent years, we have invested extensive resources in our own research and development work, and HAV Ocean Lab gives the company a virtual tool that allows us, in cooperation with the customer, to test hundreds of solutions in our search for the best total concept.

Brands - HAV Group

From 2021, HAV Design is part of the HAV Group, where four companies with special expertise in leading the maritime industry through the green shift have been brought together in one group.

HAV Design - energy-efficient ship designs, system packages and engineering
HAV Hydrogen - hydrogen-based energy systems for large vessels
Norwegian Electric Systems - energy design and smart control systems
Norwegian Greentech - ballast water treatment systems and other water treatment systems for the aquaculture and maritime industry