HAV Ocean Lab is a virtual environment where we create digital twins of complete ships and ocean areas and test hundreds and thousands of technologies and solutions in our search for the best total concept.

This tool is a result of many years of systematic R&D work. It is unique in a commercial context giving our customers the possibility to develop simulation-based concepts.

Fast and accurate analyses is essential in order to find the optimum solution and best compromise, and the more iterations, the better the results.

The HAV Design Way links various disciplines and puts the technology and solutions in real context operations with real weather in an accurate and fast way by using multi-disciplinary platforms developed over ten years.  Reliable results are obtained by coupling measured operational data into a simulation tool-box to validate and verify.


1. Concept Experiment with thousands of alternatives to clarify the basic size and framework conditions for the ship.
2. Optimum Quality assurance and documentation of the variables of the best alternatives
3. Realize Full simulation of a digital twin of the ship in a realistic virtual model of the ocean area where the ship is going to operate.


At HAV Ocean Lab, we simulate the ship’s operations and gather documentation and experience that would not otherwise have been available until the ship had been in operation for many years.

With HAV Design's experience and the data acquired through the HAV Ocean Lab, we are able to give our customers useful, fact-based advice on ship design.

This, combined with the HAV Group’s cross-cutting expertise, means we can create vessels with the best energy and operational efficiency, giving our customers a head start and increased value creation. It alos puts HAV Design at the forefront when it comes to leading the shipping industry through the green shift.