Under the contract, HAV Design will deliver ship design and an engineering package for all four autonomous ferries. The ship design is based on a future-oriented operating concept that ferry operator Fjord1 has developed together with HAV Design. The ferries will be able to operate with autonomous navigation and a high degree of automation of vessel functions that replace manual operations on board.

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“When these four ferries have been delivered, HAV Design will have designed 18 electrical ferries for Fjord1. While this is a notable number, the environmental and technological profile for these four newbuild ferries represent a major step into the future. Being allowed to design and develop such highly innovative ferries is a proud moment for everyone at HAV Design,” says Jan Magne Goksøyr, vice president sales at HAV Design.

Lavik–Oppedal is a ferry route that crosses the Sognefjord, on the northwest coast of Norway, from Lavik in Høyanger municipality to Ytre Oppedal in Gulen municipality. The ferry crossing takes 20 minutes, and the route is 5.6 kilometres long.

Four newbuild zero emission ferries will operate the route from 1 September 2026 onwards.

The vessels will be built at Tersan Shipyard in Turkey which is HAV Design’s contract partner for the four newbuilds.

“Shipping, including passenger transport, needs to become greener. Electrification and automation are two enablers for a smaller environmental footprint from vessels. Our role is to guide the shipping industry through the green shift, while at the same time increasing our customers’ competitiveness and value creation. This contract proves that we have the tools at hand to achieve this,” adds Jan Magne Goksøyr.

HAV Design is a subsidiary of HAV Group ASA, which is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo. HAV Design is headquartered in Fosnavåg, Norway.

For further information, please contact:

Jan Magne Goksøyr, Vice President Sales, HAV Design
Tel: +47 990 15 114
E-mail: jan.magne.goksoyr@havdesign.no

About HAV Design

HAV Design is a global leader within energy-efficient and competitive ship designs with zero emission ambitions. With a proven track record from more than 120 vessel designs, state-of-the-art know-how, and virtual design tools, HAV Design accommodates sustainable solutions equipped to meet the environmental and commercial requirements of the future.

Based on our Norwegian heritage, experience, quality focus and innovative solutions, our insight provides our customers with a head start, increases their competitiveness, and enables them to realize the green shift towards a sustainable future at sea.

In addition, at HAV Ocean Lab we offer our customers a virtual test tank with digital twins of ships and ocean areas, which is unique in a commercial context. The goal is to minimize the environmental impact and increase our customers’ competitiveness.